The instrument and gear I use in my gigs, check it out!


Charis Acoustic SJ Guitar

“My guitar is a Charis Acoustic, built by Bill Wise. It is an East Indian Rosewood/Cedar SJ. Bill designed and built this amazing guitar for me in 2004. This guitar is truly an inspiration - the harmonics are sweet, the sound is full and it is truly beautiful to look at. The cedar top has darkened with time.. and I think the sound continues to improve” - give Bill a call.. life is short!



The pickup system is a LR Baggs Duet II Hex system with a condenser mic built inside, it was installed by Bill Wise as well. Amazing attention to detail, each string has An individual pickup underneath it. This allows for a more natural sound & the ability to hear slapping & tapping more clearly. It’s also great for picking up other percussive techniques I use when looping some riffs.

Note: The Duet II is no longer in production at LR Baggs. They do have many great options now that you can check out.


I run my signal into an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI.. then to a JoeMeek optical compressor.. the signal then goes to a LINE 6, M9 StompBox Modeler..then a LINE 6 DL4 Delay Modeler.. the signal then goes to a BOSS Volume Pedal..which allows me to increase the volume of my soloing once I’ve established a loop.. a line is then run to the PA.


LuteHole Soundhole Cover

I have a lute hole cover over my sound hole to help fight the feedback from the internal mic.. I think the Lute hole has done a great job eliminating feedback.. I like to play at fairly loud volumes..(imagine that !)"